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When I started to Football when I was 6 years old, all my friends wanted to be strikers and score all the goals. I was among the few who wanted to play in the defense. Now 30 years later I am still focused on protecting value and making sure that the opposition don’t score any goals in our end.

Twenty-one years in consulting has thought me that the two most critical success factors in driving successful change projects are focus and the right experienced individuals. In Transcendent Group, we focus on the Governance, Risk and Compliance agenda and we have the right experienced people that can support you. I thoroughly believe that we can help you with your Governance, Risk and Compliance journey and make your business operate more secure in an ever changes risk landscape.

I see Governance, Risk and Compliance as a business and digitalization speed enabler not an operating obstacle. My focus is on building a solid but balanced foundation and accelerate from there with your business. I am passionate about helping companies understand, prioritize and strengthen their cyber security. I really enjoy when I am living in the role of insourced CISO, and get the chance to get close to your business. I would love to discuss how I can support you!

Claus Andersen

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