Suzanne de Boer - Verheij

Amsterdam Office

My eyes start to sparkle when I'm talking about challenges in the field of compliance, culture and behavior. I believe that adding extra rules and regulations is not going to inspire people to behave as expected. However, if you focus on the person behind the employee, if attention is paid to the context in which people are working, and the culture that is present in an organization, the chance of achieving the expected behavior is much bigger.

As a compliance officer with a passion for governance, conduct and culture, I am committed to be a reliable business partner who succeeds in finding ways that work in solving cultural problems. Through active listening, asking and looking for common interests, in combination with a hands-on mentality, a thorough knowledge of theory and practice and the ability to reduce complexity, I manage to design and implement solutions that unite the interests of individuals, organization and society as much as possible.

My passion for culture and behavior is also something I bring into my private life. I love to spend time with my family (husband and two kids), meet up with friends, read loads of books and work-out.

Suzanne de Boer - Verheij

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