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I am curious by nature and I have a thirst for knowledge both privately and professionally. These attributes fit perfect in my role as a consultant, where I the privilege to be working with experienced colleagues and interesting customers in various industries, supporting individuals and organizations to improvements.

What motivates me is to develop, learn new things and have variation in my work. My surroundings would call me a 'doer' or a person that constantly has new things going on. And that is reflected in my background with over 17 years of experience in publishing, project management and business development of user-centered and digital products (web-based and mobile applications). I also have a broad experience in leading teams, marketing research, user-centered development and enhancement, giving presentations, networking and establishing and developing efficient social media channels.

I get energetic when I can make a difference – whether it is by connecting interesting people or companies, developing new ideas or making interesting events where people can learn from each other. I am fascinated by the power of technology and the difference it can make in people’s lives. At the same time, I am particularly passionate about understanding the users’ needs by involving them in the process of development and improvement of digital services.

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Ingvil Gaasland

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