Elisabeth Khantatat

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Facing constant changes, with new and unfamiliar types of risks and increasingly complex regulatory requirements, the need for governance, risk management and compliance has never been greater.

Working as a CRO in a medium sized insurance company for several years, I have broad experience with GRC from the financial sector, i.e. Solvency II, IDD, AML, GDPR, policies, outsourced business and internal control. More than once has an extra pair of hands from external consultants been the saviour when fighting frequent deadlines.

As a consultant in Transcendent Group with more than 18 years of work experience from the insurance sector I’m motivated and ready to reach out that pair of hands to companies needing the extra resource, a second opinion or a quality assurance when time or competence is scarce.

Meeting a variety of clients from both financial and non-financial sectors, investigating their needs and contributing to improvements while adding value to core business is what gives me energy and makes my day.

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Elisabeth Khantatat

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