Remon Houweling

Amsterdam Office

I joined Transcendent Group because I want to be a part of co-building the best, most inspiring and authentic GRC organization. It is my personal ambition to build an organization where GRC-professionals and support staff love to work and feel appreciated and supported by the whole team. An organization where vulnerability, trust and respect are common ground. A firm that offers an alternative for more traditional organizations. Based upon more favorable rates, more passionate and dedicated people and even higher-quality services.

In my role, I am passionate to set-up self-organizing teams. An environment were all staff is treated equally: all voices, communication and opinions will be taken into consideration and be heard. In my role I will focus continually on the balance in the triangular client/organization/employee: looking for “and/and solutions” instead of “either/or”. I try to be a servant leader for my team and support them in their own process and development. My goal is to become one of the top 3 most appreciated GRC-advisory firms by clients and staff in the Netherlands.

Remon Houweling

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