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For me, community life and being a part of non-profit organizations has always had a big place in my life, whether it's about scouting, music or literature. To me, being a part of such organiations are the perfect combination of learning more about and exploring an interest I'm passionate about, and meeting people who challenge and develop me.

The same perfect combination of passion, challenge and exploration can also be found in the borderlands between IT and law, where the technology development means that you will never be "done", but always have to continue to develop and challenge both the law and the technology. How can we build good solutions to facilitate compliance? How can we handle the requirements of the law in a manner that also creates value in our business? As an IT lawyer, I move between source code and the boardroom just as I as a scout leader moves between the fireplace and the annual meeting. In both cases, detail and strategy are equally important, and challenges and developes us!

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Sofia Arveteg

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