Veronica Storlid Kvinge

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With constantly changing environments where new and unfamiliar types of risks arise, combined with complex regulatory requirements, the need for governance, risk management and compliance is increasing. I believe in taking a proactive approach, to handle risks before they materializes into real problems. I love helping clients with solving their problems, and at the same time learn new skills and further develop my, as well as their, knowledge. I believe that people are never to old to learn new skills or become wiser, even though it often seems much harder the older we get.

I enjoy team work very much, and am of the opinion that putting together people with different skills will almost always lead to better results, than working alone or in homogeneous groups. I therefore try to team up with colleagues and representatives for our klients who represent something different than me, to meet resistance and achieve mutual growth. Luckily I also achieve quite a lot of exchange of views and resistance at home, where I live together with my three beloved children and my husband, who are all bold and stand up for their own opinions.

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Veronica Storlid Kvinge

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