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While writing my master thesis in cryptography, I stumbled upon the notion of privacy. I was intrigued as I was myself very conscious of my digital foot-print, being an “anti-social media kind of person”. I never thought I would sit some years later with such a good picture of how our personal data are processed across Norway.

For me, GDPR represents a source of fresh air with the opportunity for companies to redefine the purpose of having personal data and to advance from quantity to quality. Not only can it be much cheaper but it opens up a multitude of opportunities inside the framework of the GPDR. As we thrived earlier for celebrity and fame, I think we move on to a world where privacy will be of a huge value. There is no time to lose!

Working in that field together with great and competent colleagues in Transcendent Group is something I am very grateful for! It’s great to see that my colleagues in Transcendent Group deliver our values on a day to day basis and to be in such a caring environment!

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Anna Overskott

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